USHCC Head Palomárez Resigns From Presidential Diversity Group

U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Javier Palomárez is resigning from Donald Trump's diversity coalition over the administration's decision to end DACA. Palomárez had stayed on the presidential coalition even while others resigned en masse from other presidential commissions, saying he wanted to focus on the work that needed to be done, but ending DACA was too much to bear and "a huge disappointment." In an op-ed for the NYT he writes, “Many actions taken by this White House have profoundly rattled my confidence in its commitment to inclusivity and its respect for diversity. But today’s decision was worst of all. An American president who does not believe there’s a place for young people whose passion and values exemplify the best of our tradition is simply not a president that I can continue to support.” He says after being asked to join the President’s Diversity Council that the group never actually met -- “a stark sign of the president’s lack of interest in our work,” he writes. “No amount of sound advice is enough to keep Mr. Trump’s reckless and divisive impulses in check.” Read the full piece here.

Brenda Arredondo