NYT Adds Alcindor to Congressional Team

The NYT announced that National Reporter Yamiche Alcindor will be joining their congressional team. Since joining The Times in 2015, she's traveled extensively to cover the presidential campaigns of Donald J. Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), even breaking several stories on the campaign trail. She has also written about the legacy of President Barack Obama, outreach to voters of color, and the anxiety of working class Americans as well as how police killings affect communities and children. After graduating from Georgetown University she earned her master's degree in broadcast news and documentary filmmaking from New York University. She joins NYT’s congressional team after doing a brief stint covering HUD. Alcindor will be the sole person of color on the three-person team. There are still no people of color covering the Trump administration for The TimesMore about Yamiche here.

Brenda Arredondo