Howard U Students Say Comey is Not Their Homey

When former FBI Director James Comeytook the stage at Howard University on Friday, he was met with protests from students who began singing the civil rights song "We Shall Not Be Moved" while other students stood with their fists raised chanting "no justice, no peace," and "get out James Comey, you're not our homey." Using a Facebook page and a Twitter account, both titled HUResist to help organize the protests, students made clear their feelings about his new position at the university as the school's King Endowed Chair in Public Policy. The former FBI Director is donating all of his $100,000 compensation for the position to a scholarship fund for students from foster homes. Protesters accused him of working against Black communities during his time as FBI director and his comments in 2015 about the so-called "Ferguson effect" when he said the increasing use of video to capture interactions between police and Black communities across the country was causing police to be timid and that was fueling an increase in crime. That notion caused an uproar, and President Barack Obama's White House disagreed with Comey's assessment. More here.

Brenda Arredondo