Obama Alumnus Joins CNN

CNN hired Barack Obama’s Executive Director of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships as a Contributor. Joshua DuBois, who now runs Values Partnerships, is no stranger to the network having made numerous appearances since his WH departure. The Princeton graduate was recently the subject of much discussion after a heated exchange with Trump supporter Paris Dennard over the Charlottesville violence. DuBois stated that the President brought white nationalists into the White House citing the now departed Sebastian GorkaSteve Bannon, and Steve Miller -- who, as of this morning, still has a slot in the West Wing. Dennard angrily retorted that Josh was offensive saying, “you will not be on this network and call these people white supremacists.” It was a scene.  Josh is also the bestselling author of The President's Devotional and writes for The Daily Beast. He is expected to focus on race, religion, and politics for CNN. Fun fact: this member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity is also expecting his first daughter -- who will join big brother August -- with wife, Michelle. Congrats on both, Josh. More about him here.

Brenda Arredondo