Senator Tim Scott (not Tom) Schools Trump on 400 years of White Supremacy

On Wednesday, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) met with Donald Trump at the White House and attempted to school him on 400 years of white supremacy. “We discussed everything from legislative remedies for those living in poverty, to the incident in Charlottesville, to some of the other issues that are important — diversifying staff,” the Senator told USA Today. Scott said “I think I was clear before we met and I was clear while we met” about how he felt Trump handled the violent rally in Charlottesville last month. Scott said the president was very receptive. "I tried to put it in a historical context as it relates to -- while there were folks on both sides some antagonism on both sides -- the reality of it was we have three or four centuries of history in this nation around white supremacy, the KKK, neo-Nazis and they're not negative, but they're raping and murdering people of colors for three centuries. So the historical context to me is incredibly important and why the response is so visceral on this topic." The White House described the meeting as "very productive." But then they did this: tweeted out a photo of the two together and called the Senator “Tom” Scott. #Fail. See the tweet here, with a H/T to NYT’s Yamiche Alcindor.

Brenda Arredondo