WTH is Going on at HUD?

Seriously, what is going on at HUD?? A report filed by New York Magazine and ProPublica says that HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson has a constant companion at his job -- his wife Candy. According to reports, the energetic former real-estate agent, who is an accomplished violinist and has co-authored four books with her husband, has been spending far more time inside the department’s headquarters in DC than anyone could recall a secretary’s spouse doing in the past. This, the report says, is only one of many oddities that HUD employees were encountering in the Trump era. She’d even taken the mic before Carson made his introductory speech to the department. “We’re really excited about working with — ” She broke off then, as if detecting the puzzlement of the audience. “Well, he’s really.” And this isn’t even the weirdest part. The report goes on to detail infighting between former staffer Shermichael Singleton and Maren Kasper, political jobs that remain vacant, and hiring staff with no housing experience. More on that in the next story. This entire report is worth a read from beginning to end. Not only is it a page-turner, but it’s a head scratcher that will leave you asking yourself, “what the hell is going on at HUD?” And for the hundreds of thousands of people who are impacted by policy coming from this agency, answers can’t come soon enough. More here.

Brenda Arredondo