Danny Glover Joins Airbnb

Danny Glover is joining the Airbnb team as an Advisor for their ongoing efforts to engage communities of color. His specific focus will be ensuring that communities are taking advantage of the economic opportunity to host on the Airbnb platform. “I know Airbnb has had its own share of challenges in this arena—but working with them, I’ve seen first-hand how committed they are to getting it right,” the actor said in a post. He says that over the past several months, he has had the opportunity to meet numerous African American and Latino Airbnb hosts who have impacted him. Janaye Ingram, Airbnb's Director of Partnerships, says, “Progressives throughout America and the world know Mr. Glover as a steadfast advocate for social justice. For more than five decades, Mr. Glover has fought for economic empowerment in communities of color. We’re honored to be working with him to ensure that all guests feel at home on Airbnb—no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they’re from.” Recently, Ingram helped spearhead a partnership with NAACP as well. More here from Danny Glover.

Brenda Arredondo