Univisión CEO Calls on Fellow CEOs to Speak Out

Add Univisión’s Randy Falco to the list of those speaking out against Donald Trump. After the events in Charlottesville, Falco penned an open letter describing his commitment to speaking out against the inaccurate portrayal of immigrants, efforts to break apart immigrant families, efforts to demonize the LGBT community, attacks on the media, and “the abject failure to clearly and forcefully denounce the actions of white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, and others who espouse racist and hateful views.” Falco also urged fellow CEOs to speak out, writing that the “current insanity threatens to spiral out of control and has to stop. Leadership is needed. Leaders from corporate America must step in to protect the communities we serve, as so many leaders in our nation’s Capital are failing to speak out forcefully and clearly against the spreading hate and bigotry.” Read more here.

Brenda Arredondo