Stakeholders Ask WH and Omarosa to Postpone HBCU Conference After Presidents Began Pulling Out

On Friday, Congresswoman Alma Adams (D-NC) called for the postponement of the 2017 National HBCU Week Conference which is scheduled to take place just outside of DC September 17th-19th. “In light of recent events, I have reached the unfortunate conclusion that this year’s 2017 National HBCU Week Conference should be postponed,” said Congresswoman Adams. “Earlier this month, my colleagues and I asked the administration for an update on their progress regarding HBCUs. In February, the President signed an executive order outlining greater investments and additional resources for HBCUs. It has become painstakingly clear that these promises are not being kept.” After the president’s comments calling White supremacists “fine people,” sources say HBCU presidents began pulling out of the conference rapidly. On Friday, Thurgood Marshall College Fund President Johnny Taylor saw the writing on the wall and sent a letter to Omarosa echoing the congresswoman’s sentiments. In the letter, Taylor says he spoke with WH Policy Council’s Ja’Ron Smith about postponing. “We are circling back to share with you that there is pretty strong consensus that the White House consider postponing its planned National HBCU Week conference. We understand the gravity of this recommendation,” the letter read. Read the full letter here

Brenda Arredondo