Luis Gutiérrez and Ben Jealous Arrested During DACA Rally

Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) and MD gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealouswere arrested Tuesday during a rally in support of DACA. Though Trump has said DACA recipients should “rest easy,” he has failed to commit fully to protecting the program, leading some to worry that the program’s vast stores of data on undocumented people could be used to target them for deportation. “I am a citizen and know when I leave my house in the morning that I will return that night, but millions of immigrants leave for work or school each day unsure whether they will be arrested and detained.  I gave up a few hours of my freedom to stand up for them,” said Gutiérrez. “It is a shame and an embarrassment – es una vergüenza – the way this White House has turned on immigrants and fomented animosity towards immigrant families.” Gustavo Torres, Executive Director of the immigrant advocacy group CASA, was also arrested. CASA retweeted a report that 25 additional people had been arrested. Video on Gutiérrez’s Facebook page shows individuals at the sit-in in front of the White House being arrested one-by-one. See it here.

Brenda Arredondo