Staffers Say Omarosa Creates Distraction in WH Office

What is going on in the White House Office of Public Liaison? In April, Omarosa broke protocol and brought her 39-person bridal party to the White House for an extended wedding photo shoot. Politico reports that the incident created a buzz in the West Wing for weeks and did little to help the reputation of the office. George Sifakis was named the office’s Director in March but reportedly gave employees little direction or authority. Meanwhile, the Democratic reality TV villain turned Republican public servant was banned from posting any of the bridal pictures on social media. She hasn’t been seen sitting on the sidelines of the daily press briefings in weeks -- a spot she had frequently occupied. The office has been challenged with pulling off simple events and has fallen short of delivering statements of support for the president or keeping an accurate account of their outreach to different constituencies.Politico reports that Omarosa has been seen as a particular problem in the office. She stoked a mini-controversy in June by signing invitations for Congressional Black Caucus members to meet Trump as the “Honorable Omarosa Manigault.” Several aides said the incident became a punchline in the WH, adding that there has been a growing effort to keep her out of meetings because she can be a distraction, and her access to the Oval Office has been curbed. WH Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Manigault had been crucial to outreach with African American communities. The Beat DC tracks these things. We’ve seen no receipts. More here.

Tiffany D. Cross