Could Curbelo/CHC Tensions Derail DACA Fix?

The in-fighting between Hispanic members of Congress over Congressman Carlos Curbelo’s (R-FL) attempt to join the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has gotten so out of hand that Politico reports it’s threatening to derail momentum for a deal to save “Dreamers.” Serious tensions have arisen out of Curbelo’s repeated refusals to sign onto the bipartisan DREAM Act. “Curbelo is clearly [the] leading [Republican] in this space, and we’d like him to lead in a more productive direction,” CHC Chairwoman Michelle Luján Grisham (D-NM) said in an interview. “I would like for him to do that, and he knows that. We would all like for him to do that.” However, Curbelo has been pushing his own, more conservative bill to protect “Dreamers.” The back-and-forth between members over “Dreamers” has become more pronounced in the last few days. Some members of the CHC have gone so far as to accuse the vulnerable GOP legislator of wanting to join the Caucus in order to boost his re-election chances. “They think I have some magical wand or something. Me signing onto that bill is going to have little, if any, effect,” Curbelo said in an interview. “A lot of them are taking the approach it has to be this or nothing. I also don’t want to be a part of that message because I don’t agree with that.” There’s a lot more to this fight here.

Brenda Arredondo