A Day in the Life of Omarosa

A Daily Beast reporter may have answered a question that has been bugging some people in DC for months -- what exactly does Omarosa do? Reporter Elaina Plott got the scoop when she shadowed the reality TV star back in March. On this particular day, Omarosa -- whose official title is Communications Director for the Office of Public Liaison, was extremely busy. She was hosting her eight bridesmaids, plus her mother, and then-fiancé, Rev. John Allen Newman, in the White House for a St. Patrick’s Day-themed bridal luncheon. Plott asked Omarosa about the specifics of her job portfolio and the answer she was given? “Everything,” the former Democrat replied. According to the report, the two walked aimlessly in and out of offices but not really doing anything of substance. Then they bumped into National Trade Council Chairman Peter Navarro, who asked Omarosa if she’s planning to go on Dancing With the Stars. She said no. They were supposed to do a second interview but dozens of calls, emails, and texts over the course of several months have gone unreturned. The Honorable Omarosa ghosted the reporter. More here.

Tiffany D. Cross