Michelle Obama on the GOP

We told you about Michelle Obama’s appearance withShonda Rhimes at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women on Tuesday. We didn’t even flinch when FLOTUS44 said many Americans do not trust the GOP to represent their interests because they don't see themselves reflected in its leadership. She described the demographics of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle during the State of the Union speech in the chamber of the Capitol saying, “One side: all men, all white. On the other side: some women, some people of color. And whenever I was sitting, I would always have a guest in that booth, and I was always the most embarrassed at the beginning when people would see that, because I'd say that, is it just me, am I looking at how governance works?” And she added, “I'm sure we can go in any C suite in this country and we'd see the same thing happening.” Everyone from Fox News to Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) pounced on her remarks. Well ... let’s look at the numbers. According to Politifact, there are three African American Republicans in Congress compared to 48 Dems; 13 Latino Republicans compared to 30 Dems; and 0 AAPI Republicans compared to 13 Dems. The numbers don’t lie. WaPo takes it from here.

Tiffany D. Cross