Ford Foundation Announces Diverse Art of Change Fellows

Earlier this week, the Ford Foundation announced its very diverse group of Art of Change Fellows. The fellowships will support these artists and cultural leaders in creating powerful works of art that help advance freedom, justice, and inclusion, and strengthen democracy. From authorSandra Cisneros to filmmaker Ava DuVernay, and Native American arts leader Lori Pourier to composerMohammed Fairouz, the list is almost two-thirds people of color. “Art is essential in a free and flourishing society. Artists are the visionaries who can shine light on complexity and possibility, and inspire us to make those societies more just and more beautiful,” said Elizabeth Alexander, the Ford Foundation’s Director of Creativity and Free Expression. “This fellowship recognizes an extraordinarily diverse group of brilliant artists and innovators whose works embody social justice, and enables them to come together and collaborate toward a more just and inclusive future.” Meet the 25 Art of Change Fellows here.

Brenda Arredondo