Former WH Advisor Blames “Black Africans” for Violence

Many people have accused former WH advisor Sebastian Gorka of being a white supremacist. Well, his recent comments certainly don’t do much to dispute that accusation. In a roundtable discussion on gun violence aired by the Sinclair Broadcast Group, Gorka attempted to make a point about the legislative effort to ban so-called bump stocks. “The biggest problem we have is not mass shootings, they are the anomaly,” he began. “Our big issue is Black African gun crime against Black Africans,” Gorka said. “It is a tragedy. Go to Chicago. Go to — the city’s run by Democrats for 40 years. Black young men are murdering each other by the bushel. This is a social issue. Allow the police to do their jobs and rebuild those societies. Legislation will not save lives.” Is there an outbreak on vacationing Gambian citizens shooting Zimbabwean tourists in Chicago that we missed? Otherwise, we think he's talking about Americans. More here.

Tiffany D. Cross