Study Finds Private Sector Pipeline for Women of Color Most Challenging for Black Women

A new study, Women in the Workplace 2017, highlights the lack of diversity in the corporate pipeline. The study finds that the gap stretches from entry-level to C-suite executive jobs. It’s more pronounced for women of color generally and is particularly acute for Black women. “Women of color are the most underrepresented group in the corporate pipeline. They experience the greatest challenges. Yet they receive the least support — and efforts to increase diversity are not adequately addressing the magnitude of the issues they face,” said the report. “Compared to white women, things are worse for women of color, and they are particularly difficult for black women.” The study goes on to reveal that 31% of Black women say their managers advocate for them for opportunity, compared with 34% of Latinas, 40% of Asian women and 41% of white women. Black women feel less likely to interact with senior leaders, get advice or get stretch assignments from managers, and only 29% of Black women believe the best opportunities go to the most deserving employees. That number is 34% for Latinas and 40% of Asian and white women. More here.

Tiffany D. Cross