Richmond Hits Unilever and Dove for Tone Deaf Ad

CBC Chair Congressman Cedric Richmond (D-LA) sent a letter to Unilever CEO Paul Pulman urging him to prioritize African American inclusion across the company's subsidiaries, including Dove. The letter was sent in response to a racially insensitive Dove ad that featured a Black woman transforming into a White woman. Richmond’s letter notes that this is just the latest incident in which Dove has missed the mark with one of its ads. “At best, these advertisements signal that your team is completely tone deaf to this painful history and the continued plight of African American women and girls to find adequate representation of their image in the traditional definition of beauty in this country. At worst, these advertisements join that long, painful history as a purposeful insult to African American women. Either way, I feel strongly that your company would benefit from improving your culture and commitment to corporate diversity at all levels, from executive leadership and board membership, to advertisement consultants and outside advocacy,” the letter reads.See it here.

Brenda Arredondo