DACA Turns Five, Barack Obama Sets Twitter Record, and Hidden Figures Heads to the State Department

After widespread criticism, Donald Trump finally condemned the white supremacists on Monday, two days after dozens of other public figures issued forceful denunciations leaving many saying too little too late. Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) tweeted, "Today the president's remarks were clear and specific. However, they would have been more impactful on Saturday." Just hours later, Trump continued his tirade against Merck CEO Ken Frazier who inspired two other CEOs to leave the president’s council -- more on that below. And Trump may be forced to lose even more people. There’s a push to oust Steve Bannon from the WHRupert Murdoch has repeatedly urged Trump to fire him. WH short timer Anthony Scaramucci thrashed him on TV as a white nationalist.National Security Advisor Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster refused to even say he could work with him. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice has requested information on visitors to a website used to organize protests against Donald Trump, the LA-based Dreamhost said in a blog post published on Monday. Some of those protesters were outside Trump Tower on Monday giving the president an unwelcome homecoming, shouting “New York hates you,” among other things. It’s a rainy day on the Vineyard but there’s a mimosa waiting for us as soon as this hits your inbox. So here’s what we’ve got today:

  • CA to sue Trump admin over sanctuary city policy.
  • Venezuela condemns Trump remarks on possible military intervention.
  • Obama sets Twitter record with a tweet on Charlottesville.
  • FLOTUS44 spotted soul cycling on the Vineyard.
  • Hidden Figures prompts State Department program.
  • Dems want answers from FCC chair about ties to the Sinclair Broadcast Group.
  • Bruno Mars digs into his wallet to help victims of the Flint water crisis.
  • Charlottesville panel discussion on CNN gets ugly.
  • Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D-NY) pushes to rename streets at USAG Ft. Hamilton.
  • Symone Sanders told to shut up live on TV.
  • Trump supporters Diamond and Silk accuse YouTube of censorship.
  • St. Louis businesses and hotels hit hard by NAACP travel advisory.
  • BET founders' daughter suspended from equestrian competition for a year. We’ve got the story below in Blogs. 
  • The CBC gathers on the Vineyard this Friday. RSVP below in FOMO.
Brenda Arredondo