Michelle Obama Heads to the ESPYs, Jimmy Gómez Names a Legislative Director, The Rock Has a Presidential Campaign Committee, and NCLR is UnidosUS

It’s seriously only Tuesday, yet we seem to have had enough news break to last us a month. Trump administration officials made their rounds the last 24 hours defendingDonald Trump Jr’s meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who says she was summoned to Trump Tower and asked if she had information on the Hillary Clinton campaign. No, fam, this isn’t Scandal or House of Cards -- this is real life. And panic sets in on the Hill as Senate GOP leaders are trying to round up support for their healthcare bill with the vote scheduled for next week. With only two votes to spare, the heat is on. A revised draft of the bill is expected as early as Thursday, and the CBO could score it as soon as Monday. Oh and get this! New data from the Pew Research Center shows that most Republicans think colleges are bad for the country and the vast majority think the news media is too. Huh?? Not the good ole’ fashioned pre-Trump Republicans we know. Remember the days of yesteryear when we could have a healthy intellectual exchange of our ideological differences? Sigh ... And in some tragic news, a Marine Corps transport plane went down north of Jackson on Monday, killing all 16 soldiers on board.  The cause of the crash was unclear. Here’s what we’ve got for you this Tuesday:

  • NCLR will become UnidosUS.
  • Michelle Obama heads to the ESPYs.
  • Chicago's Southside makes demands of the Barack Obama Presidential Center.
  • DNC investing serious dough in grassroots and down ballot races.
  • Quad Caucus wants answers from ICE.
  • CODEL takes members Ami Bera (D-CA)Dwight Evans (D-PA)Brenda Lawrence (D-MI), and Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) to Jordan.
  • Congresswoman Grace Meng (D-NY) champions diversity with Defense approps amendments.
  • Congressmen Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Rubén Gallego (D-AZ) target Trump'sbidness interests.
  • Run The Rock 2020 movement lives on.
  • Calif. legislature wants lobbyists to show their diversity receipts.
  • Latino Victory Project upset at Dems who supported “Kate’s Law.”
  • Bill to grant green cards to undocumented 9/11 volunteers introduced.
  • 15 states and DC join Hawaii’s challenge to Trump’s travel ban.
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  • The March on Washington Film Festival kicks off this week. See FOMO below for tickets.
Brenda Arredondo