Barbara Lee Calls Out Alex Acosta, Dave Chappelle Steps Up on Flint, the Cast of Power Comes to DC, and Morehouse College President Dies Unexpectedly

Former FBI Director James Comey's testimony yesterday was like a season finale of Scandal (pun intended). Homeboy held back just enough to keep us wanting more. While the rest of the nation found out how boring hearings can be, the DMV was on the edge of their seats taking in every word. He threw shade at Loretta Lynch by questioning her independence in the “matter” ofHillary Clinton’s emails, called Donald Trump a liar, and said he started taking notes and writing memos because he felt that the lying would come back to bite him in the rear. We all expected Trump to live-tweet the hearing, but Steve Bannon must have whispered sweet nothings or hid his phone amidst a stack of intelligence briefings, but he was silent on the “matter” yesterday. BUT, this morning he tweeted out that Comey had uttered “so many false statements and lies and ... is a leaker!” The question we all have for Trump -- Lordy, where are the tapes? In other news, Trumpcare looks dead despite Senate Republican’s efforts to sneakily fast track it while the nation focused on Comey. All this winning must be exhausting, eh? If Trump wants to learn how to bounce back and win, he could take a few pointers from the Warriors, who are up 3-0 and could clinch the title with a win tonight. In some good news -- the weekend is here!! Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Robert Ahn not ready to concede to Jimmy Gómez in California congressional race.
  • Congressmen Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) and Bobby Scott (D-VA) join forces on education legislation.
  • Some sad news out of Morehouse College.
  • Vernon Jordan weighs in on enduring the Trump administration.
  • NCAPA changes leadership.
  • Dave Chappelle steps up on Flint.
  • Native issues take a backseat to Comey drama.
  • Will Puerto Rico become the 51st state?
  • The Beat DC talks Comey hearing.
  • Gasp! We spotted a "Ghost" at the Newseum last night.
  • VA candidates look to Black voters.
  • Ebony Magazine ownership plays the blame game.
  • Cecilia Muñoz joins Kresge.
  • The March on Washington Film Festival hosts an evening of jazz with Eric Holder. Want to go? RSVP below in FOMO.
  • There's a Wonder Woman on the Hill. Find out who.
  • Be sure to tune into HBO tonight to catch Symone Sanders, Ice Cube, and Michael Eric Dyson on Real Time with Bill Maher.
  • Scroll to the bottom. There's some good stuff in FOMO!
  • Oh yeah -- show some PRIDE this weekend!
Brenda Arredondo