Castro Opts Out of Senate Run and the Obamas Head Home to Chicago

The WH and GOP leaders say they’re closer to repealing and replacing the ACA. For real this time. But support among the rank-and-file is shaky as members battle with how to explain to angry constituents why they voted for a bill that took 24 million Americans off their healthcare. Despite all this, Republicans are saying the House could vote as early as Wednesday. But considering the disarray, that just may be yet another false start. Here's what's up for Tuesday:

  • The Trump administration targets Michelle Obama.
  • Congressman Joaquín Castro (D-TX) opts out of Senate run --- for now.
  • We've got the top AAPI political operatives under 40.
  • Muslim advocates head to Capitol Hill today.
  • NUL's State of Black America is out this morning.
  • Vanita Gupta testifies today on the Hill to discuss rise of hate crimes.
  • Steve Bannon penned a hip hop musical. For real.
Brenda Arredondo