Ben Jealous to Enter MD Gov Race, The Tri-Caucus Wants to Talk with Outgoing Census Director, and Cory Booker Differs with Some Dems

And here we thought recess would give us a break. Silly Beat. As we hit send, numerous sources say that Trump is pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, signed by 192 nations, further isolating America from the rest of the world. The earth weeps tears of sorrow while others shed tears from laughter. Yeah, it feels like everyone is laughing -- whether it is European leaders trolling the president's "orb" photo or ex-ambassadors to Russia saying that the collective Russian state is laughing at us -- and we're the ones not in on the joke. Also, someone should tell the president that this isn't Hotline Bling; he can't just ask people to call him on his cell phone. Other problems continue to mount for 45 as the WH Communications Director is officially gone, his personal lawyer and comms shop have been pulled into the Russia investigation, and investigators looking into Ivanka Trump's factories in China (America first, are we right?) have either been arrested or are missing. Seems like we just can't avoid the ubiquitous scandals. Hey, at least we aren't hiding from our constituents on rooftops (we're looking at you, Darrell Issa). We've got your hump day #covfefe:

  • Tri-Caucus wants to sit down with outgoing Census director.
  • Melissa Harris-Perry offers advice to NAACP.
  • The shaky seat of Congressman Carlos Curbelo (R-FL).
  • Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) centers Trump-Russia investigation.
  • There are some new staffers on the Hill.
  • Congresswoman Mia Love (R-UT) presses Trump admin on Haiti.
  • SCOTUS to hear another voting rights case.
  • Word is Ben Jealous will announce today he's in for the MD Gov race.
  • NPR scores with Black and Latino listeners.
  • Dems ready for fight with Ajit Pai.
  • Chicago losing Black and Latino population.
  • A blast rocks Kabul with 80 dead and hundreds injured. Will Trump acknowledge the attack?
Brenda Arredondo