The Obamas in Italy then Off to Berlin, Congressman Ted Lieu Introduces SWAMP Bill, and See Who is at the Helm of NAACP Now


Donald Trump completed the Saudi Arabia leg of his trip on Sunday. Addressing dozens of leaders from across the Muslim world who had gathered there, Trump made yet another pivot and rejected the idea that the fight against terrorism was a struggle between religions, and he promised not to scold them about human rights in their countries. He challenged Muslim leaders to step up their efforts to counter a “wicked ideology” and purge the “foot soldiers of evil” from their societies. He’s landed Tel Aviv this morning and will dine this evening with PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Back in the homeland, a host of troubles await the president. The Senate is dissecting the House-passed ACA repeal and Robert Mueller is hard at work on his investigation into the ubiquitous question of Russian collusion.  Finally, Trump’s budget is set to be released tomorrow. It's expected to propose jagged cuts to many federal departments and even eliminating some pertinent programs, entirely diverting those funds to boost defense spending. VP Mike Pence is on the Hill meeting with lawmakers today. We’ve got a lot to tell you about. Here’s what awaits you in this Monday's read:

  • The Obamas rock Italy. Next stop: Germany.
  • Congressman Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) wants you all to know that he was the first to call for impeachment. Got that?!
  • Congressman Tony Cárdenas (D-CA) talks about the tense interactions between Latinos and the police and checks AG Jeff Sessions on his latest directive.
  • Melissa Harris-Perry tells NABJ "remove me from your list."
  • NAACP changes leadership. See who's steering the ship now.
  • Fox News has yet another racist incident which led to an on-air personality getting fired.
  • Much like Black Twitter, Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) has zero chill. He offers Trump words of advice on his first foreign trip and introduces a bill to help drain the swamp.
  •  Colin Kaepernick is getting his spot in the Blacksonian.
  •  NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio honored comedian Hasan Minhaj.
  • There's a bilingual diversity job fair this week. Want to go? Check out the deets below in FOMO.
  • Who wants to take a ride on the Barack Obama Freeway? You'll be able to soon! 
Brenda Arredondo