Henry Louis Gates Chairs Fusion Board, Obama Finds Home to Hit the Links, and Largest Labor Union Led By Three Women of Color Names New Head of African American Outreach

Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is reportedly leading the race to become the next head of the FBI. But Dems are not happy with their former party mate who turned Independent being considered for the agency’s top post. Meanwhile, remember when you were little and your mom would give you a stern warning before you left the house that you better be on your best behavior when going out? Yeah, that’s how most of the country feels as Trump embarks on the first foreign trip of his presidency. It's an ambitious itinerary with stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, and two meetings with European leaders. The AP reports that when Trump sits down for dinner in Saudi Arabia, caterers have ensured that his favorite meal -- steak with a side of ketchup will be served alongside local cuisine. Sigh. Here's what's on tap for the weekend:

  • Barack Obama chooses a golf club.
  • The country's first AAPI Solicitor General.
  • States sue to shield Obamacare.
  • Trump budget targets program that helps Native American students.
  • A Florida candidate has a new baby to kiss.
  • NEA gets a new head of African American Outreach.
  • DHS official says David Clarke unfit for the post.
  • ACLU warns Hawaiians about travel to Texas.
  • Congresswoman Michelle Luján Grisham (D-NM) and CHC members push schools on protecting undocumented students.
  • Puerto Rico nationalist Oscar López Rivera is free after decades behind bars.
  • NBC Asian America highlights a poll asking, "Who's Asian?"
  • Henry Louis Gates chairs a Fusion board with actress Viola Davis and Puerto Rican rapperResidente.
  • The Native American Staff Association is hosting a meet and greet. Want to go? Be sure to RSVP in FOMO.
  • It's been a long week -- we all deserve some Friday funnies.
Brenda Arredondo