DOJ Face Off in Baltimore and Airbnb Plucks Talent from Women's March and Al Sharpton

Last night, the president authorized a missile strike on Syria in response to a chemical attack that officials said was carried out by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad. Now, Congress is divided -- and not along party lines -- about the lawfulness of this strike. After exercising the nuclear option yesterday and killing the filibuster, the Senate got started at 9:30A to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to SCOTUS. The House is out. Let spring break commence.  Here’s just some of what awaits you in this Friday read:

  • Some Tri-Caucus members speak out against Syrian missile strikes
  • Janaye Ingram heads to Airbnb
  • Two of Mexico's members of Congress corner VP Mike Pence on the Hill - we've got the video
  • CBCF elects new leadership
  • LCCHR's Vanita Gupta has words for AG Jeff Sessions
  • Corrine Brown hands out fudge pops as she heads to court - true story
Brenda Arredondo