Obamas Name Official Portrait Artists, CHC Wants Diversity Numbers from the Valley, and Morehouse Names New President

True story: Russian hackers used the Netflix series House of Cards as their influence in how to infiltrate the U.S. electoral system and understand American politics. Meanwhile, North Korea has quietly deployed more than 6,000 hackers to finance the country’s operations. Last year, they tried to steal $1 billion from the NY Federal Reserve. Only a spelling error stopped them. Guys, the documentary examining Trump’s time in office is going to have to be split into nearly 30 different parts. It will essentially have to be a miniseries. On Netflix, perhaps. WSJ reports that Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Patty Murray (D-WA) are expected to unveil a deal this week to stabilize Obamacare markets, just days after Trump roiled the industry by announcing an end to federal subsidies that help cover healthcare costs for low-income enrollees. What’s 45 doing this morning? Tweeting about Hillary Clinton. Which brings us to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. He still refuses to deny calling the president a moron. He says he won’t dignify the rumors with a response. I get it. I was booked to go to the gym on Saturday morning. When my alarm went off at 6A, did I get up and go work out? I won’t dignify that question with a response. We’re kicking off the week with this...

  • CHC wants the tech community to release diversity numbers.
  • CBC, top Dems question the FBI’s “Black Identity Extremists” threat report.
  • CA state Senate leader Kevin de León makes it official: he’s running againstSenator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).
  • Chance The Rapper teams with Obama.
  • CHC Chair and gubernatorial candidate Congresswoman Michelle Luján Grisham (D-NM) gets an endorsement from Westeros.
  • The Obama Foundation holds its first training. Guess who made a cameo?
  • Meet the artists who will paint the official portraits of the Obamas.
  • Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) calls for an investigation into Puerto Rico’s drinking water.
  • Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett (D-VI) pushes for more aid for the hurricane-ravaged USVI.
  • CHC members ask for help for foreign-born military veterans.
  • Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) says tax reform by Thanksgiving is not happening.
  • Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-CA)Congressman Ami Bera (D-CA), andCongressman Joaquín Castro (D-TX) blast proposed cuts to African aid.
  • Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-CA) pushes for more experienced educators in high-need districts.
  • Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and actress Uzo Aduba to be featured honorees at the Human Rights Campaign dinner.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new song on track to be #1.
  • Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) joins group asking FCC to put an end to cell phones in jail.
  • Former NFLer tells Congress full-contact practices should end.
  • Colin Kaepernick claps back.
  • Could UN Ambassador Nikki Haley be the next Secretary of State if Rex Tillersonleaves?
  • Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice has two words for AIPAC...
  • The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and other groups sponsor first-ever hack against racism.
  • Malia Obama attends Black student convocation. Read to the bottom!
  • The Electoral Justice Project is hosting a national launch call TONIGHT! RSVP to join.
Brenda Arredondo