The Beat highlights diverse political leaders in the nation’s capital as well as policies that impact communities of color.
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From their lips to your earbuds: hear from the Beltway's movers and makers. 

Some leaders are household names. Others pull the strings from behind the cameras and away from the lights. The Beat DC podcast talks to them all. 

Hosted by political commentator Jamal Simmons, with guest appearances by The Beat DC’s Tiffany D. Cross, we will delve into personal stories of success and struggle, exchange ideas, poke fun, and reveal the intellectual and the intellectually curious.  

We do it all at the intersections of culture, race, ethnicity, and policy, natch. Tune in.

The One with Jeff Johnson



The One with Melanie Newman





The One with Nayyera Haq



The One with Albert Sanders

On our inaugural podcast, we caught up with activist and political commentator Jeff Johnson. The media personality is launching a new TV show on BET Networks with Executive Producer Steve Harvey called The Man CaveThe Beat’s Jamal Simmons talks to Jeff about the show, Donald Trump, his friendship with Omarosa, and his journey back to BET.

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The Beat DC's Jamal Simmons speaks with former DOJ official NAACP-LDF's Melanie Newman on the voter suppression efforts coming out of the Trump administration.

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Jamal Simmons talks to former Obama White House and State Department staffer Nayyera Haq about Donald Trump on the global stage, as 45 hits the road from Saudi Arabia to Israel and Vatican City.


Obama Lawyer Albert Sanders discusses his journey from Compton and Morehouse to the White House and Silicon Valley.