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US Campaigns Director (DC/NYC/SF)

US Campaigns Director (DC/NYC/SF)

With over 240 million users in 196 countries, is the world’s largest technology platform for social change. Our team spans 18 countries and empowers hundreds of millions of people to have a voice and fight injustice. We’re a social impact business, and we’re aiming to build a world where no one is powerless and where creating change is a part of everyday life.

About the role

The Campaigns Director will oversee campaigns for in the United States, supporting petition starters to win the change they want to see. The Director is responsible for allocating resources across campaigns and leading and managing the US campaigns team. 

This is Coach/Player role -- you’d lead a team of campaigners, and run your own campaigns portfolio. Reporting to the Vice President of North America, the Campaigns Director will drive the success of the US team through coaching, training, mentorship, accountability and excellent campaigning. 

In the US there are hundreds of campaigns started on every single day, on everything from ending mass shootings to curbing food waste in grocery stores to ending corruption in government and everything in between. We're looking for an experienced leader to help the heroes that start these campaigns win more, win loudly, and win more often.

You’re a strong leader. You will:

  • Manage a growing team of ~3 campaigns staff who work with petition starters to win big, brand-defining campaigns that drive impact, revenue, and traffic. This could include mentoring starters and offering strategic campaign support to ensure campaigns build momentum and drive toward victory;

  • Set a positive culture for US campaigns team that is solutions-focused, and driven by the overarching values that guide;

  • Drive team process and accountability to maximize opportunities to run and win campaigns that spur national attention and start important conversations.

  • Ensure is relevant in moments that demand a rapid response; 

  • Contribute to our global leadership team and coordinate with other national teams on global campaigns, work with our technologists on innovation and experiments and collaborate constantly; and 

  • Ensure that campaigns supported  by the US team regularly drive broad, diverse media coverage of and our petition starters, working closely with US communications staff to be on top of major news stories and media moments.

You’re an excellent campaigner. You will:

  • Design, manage and win major campaigns with their starters -- through campaign narrative, strategy, tactics, timelines, and media-- and win them loudly so that the petitions and their starters and signers are core components of the victory and the story about it;

  • Write compelling and emotional text, and create great visual content-- often on tight deadlines -- that tells the stories of campaigns and petition starters to users. You will be writing and creating content for upwards of 20+ million users, as well as for other stakeholders as needed (journalists, decision-makers, internal staff, etc.);

  • Lead multiple campaigns at any given time (likely several active campaigns any given week) multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, and keeping track of details and relationships; and

  • Engage with senior political and corporate decision makers across the country to facilitate their responses and engagement.

You could be the ideal candidate if some of these describe you:

  • You’re committed to our mission of empowering people everywhere to win campaigns on the critical issues of our times;

  • You run and win campaigns. From mapping power and influence, to leveraging media, creative tactics that engage people across the country - you’re a campaigner, first and foremost;

  • You're driven by results, crave the next victory and are always on the hunt for the next big opportunity to change the world;

  • You've got deep knowledge of and a passion for American media and politics (news and social media junkies desired!), and know how to get a story to cut through in a busy newsroom; 

  • You’ve successfully raised money online;

  • You have experience creating content, advertising, community and reach through the right channels for the right audiences;

  • You have impeccable email and copywriting skills, a strong sense of narrative, and can turn out compelling copy at short notice under tight timelines;

  • You're willing to take risks, fail, and adapt -- and are constantly curious about how to improve your work; and

  • You've got a strong sense of fun and give-and-take -- our team is constantly pushing the envelope and each other to challenge assumptions, go all-in, and imagine the impossible.

Talent, enthusiasm, and leadership matter more to us than ticking boxes. If even one or two of the criteria on our wishlist speak to you and you’re excited about this role, we want to hear from you.

This is a full-time opportunity, and the ideal candidate will be based in New York City, San Francisco, or Washington, DC. is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities and perspectives to apply.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, or length of time spent unemployed.

Senior Director of Communications (NYC)

Senior Director of Communications (NYC)